PUTTING THE LAST STONE group show together with Ranran Zhu OKTOBER 2020 / Hefei (CN) putting the last stone, light is gone 当光线消失在砌上最后一块石头时 The exhibition is imagining the construction of a building with no entrance. Taking the motive of the building of the pyramids in ancient Egypt it tries to evoke the reflection of constructing a surface from inside. The motif of the pyramid symbolises the simplicity of a perfect room, a perfection that is only accessible in the imaginary world. The workers who closed the walls from inside, buried themselves in order to divide the constructed space from the world outside. So the pyramid is regarded as an allegory of an hermetic space. 文字正在想象没有入口的建筑。以古埃及建造金字塔的动机,它试图唤起从内部构造表面的反射。金字塔的图案象征着一个完美房间的简约,这是只有在虚幻世界中才能达到的完美。那些从内部关闭墙壁的工人埋葬了自己,以便将建造的空间与外界隔离开来。因此,金字塔被视为密闭球的寓言。 合肥监狱柴油机厂 Hefei, CN | 2020 VIDEO LINK